Jay Inslee Bio
  • Name: Jay Inslee
  • Birthday (Date of Birth): February 9, 1951
  • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
  • State: Washington
  • Position: House
  • Also Worked As: Attorney
  • College: University of Washington
  • Took Office in: 1999
  • Party Affiliation: Democratic
  • Biography: Inslee and his wife Trudi were high school sweethearts and have been married since August 27, 1972. They have three sons, Jack, Connor, and Joe, and live on Bainbridge Island.
    Inslee is an avid basketball player and a member of "Hoopaholics", a charity group dedicated to "treatment of old guys addicted to basketball and who can no longer jump" as Inlsee has often joked. In October 2009, he played basketball at the White House in a series of games featuring members of Congress on one team and members of the administration, including President Obama, on the other.

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Jay Inslee Arguing Against Changes to FISA

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